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Alden vs. Allen Edmonds

Which one is better? Alden or Allen Edmonds

Are you confused between Alden and Allen Edmonds? If you’re a shoe addict, you’ve probably heard about many brands and types of shoes that are high-quality and long-lasting. If you want to purchase flexible and comfortable shoes like those made by Alden and Allen Edmonds, there are millions of brands and businesses you can search for. Large American shoe manufacturers Allen Edmonds and Alden make excellent handcrafted leather shoes.

Both have histories showing how they developed into some of the best in America. The choice of which one to select or rely on is crucial. For your convenience, we have created this post where we will walk you through everything regarding Alden vs. Allen Edmonds. So, stay with us and let us look below on their features and qualities. 

All about Allen Edmonds


Allen Edmonds is an upmarket footwear manufacturing and marketing company based in the United States. With a single concentration on great shoes masterfully handmade in Port Washington, Wisconsin, it started in 1922. 

Instead of the uncomfortable metal nails and the shanks that were once common in footwear, the business started making shoes with flexible cork insoles. Allen’s revolutionary designs soon gained popularity with anyone who valued a lighter, more adaptable dress shoe that was significantly comfier from the very first use, thanks partly to his sales skills. They earned a devoted following among GIs returning from war after providing shoes to the US Army and the Navy during WWII.

Allen Edmonds had 18 locations in 2006; as of the year’s end of 2017, the company has 78 stores, a growth. It produces its shoes in the Dominican Republic and the United States.

 Quality and materials 

Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has been crafting shoes from the finest materials available in the United States. It’s a tried-and-true method that calls for 212 distinct stages and 48 sets of hands, yielding what they are happy to refer to as real shoes. These components make the shoes plus boots supplier and provide them a richer color. The shell cordovan leather has a glossy texture and is durable. The suede’s soft texture gives the shoe flexibility. 

Given the unusual materials employed in the shoe’s construction, the quality of the footwear must be regarded as standard. The exquisite European leathers are hand-finished in their field to produce shoes of the highest quality and longevity.

Allen Edmonds offers a staggering range of sizes and applications. Allen Edmonds is the finest place to search if you require a waterproofing dress shoe or footwear and have a certain foot size. 

Their shoes are constructed on the legendary 360 Goodyear welt for sturdiness and comfort. To increase the shoe’s lifespan, the welt is filled with cutting-edge materials before being attached to the last.

Design and style

Numerous shoe designs were produced under the name Allen Edmonds. These fashions include fifth avenue, Addison Penny Dalton Wingtip, Sullivan Street, Park Avenue, and strandmok brogue. 

The Avenue of Park: This elegant yet sturdy cap-toe shoe was first created in 1982 and has since become a staple dress shoe for businessmen, celebrities, and US presidents. The Randoph was introduced in 1992, and their minimalist slip-on quickly became one of their most well-liked designs; it is conceivably the only dress footwear most men would ever need. The Strandmok has upped the standard for office elegance since its introduction in 2013, thanks to its combination of eye-catching brogue ornamentation and enduringly comfy Dainite rubber soles.

All about Alden 


Alden has been in business since 1884. It makes and designs innovative men’s footwear. The finest, most textured leather is used to construct the Alden shoe. Additionally, it is extremely shiny and smooth.

Alden is regarded as a venerable, family-owned company. In the nineteenth century, New England was home to numerous shoe factories, but today only a handful are left, including Alden. Most New England-based businesses could not compete in the challenging post-war market. 

Quality and material

Originally, Alden was created as a functional shoe with orthopedic roots that would fit and be comfy. Their last toe shapes are not particularly fashionable because they were initially created to help patients with particular foot, leg, and back issues. Natural cork is layered beneath the insole to offer resilience and insulation.

In addition to having an upper made of shell cordovan leather, the shoe also comes in various other materials like calfskin, calf, and baby suede. These components give the shoe excellent comfort and sturdiness. It also has lining and insoles made of tanned leather for comfort and assistance. For longevity, the outsole is made of leather that has been oak-tanned. For increased shoe lifespan, the heels feature brass sluggings and rubber tags.

Design and style

Alden has numerous types made under the brand name, ranging from chukka boots to regular leather dress shoes. They are well known for their tassel loafers.

Long-lasting rubber dovetail soles with leather inlays are a feature of Alden dress shoes. Secure attachment is provided by solid brass lugs, which also makes rebuilding simple. The custom bootmaker’s art is distinguished by its traditional patina, which is hand stained and buffed to perfection. Classic designs that have been quite meticulously made. Made on high-end lasts with a focus on comfort and elegant appearance.

Alden has a wide variety of shoe types available under the name, from chukka boots to regular leather dress shoes.

Differences between Alden and Allen Edmonds shoes

Honestly, there isn’t much distinction between the two shoes here. However, you can see minor variations in their footbeds. In contrast to Allen Edmonds, Alden footwear has an additional footbed. Alden can provide more foot support than Allen Edmonds because of this footbed.

But that is due to the construction technique. Only Allen Edmonds produces high-quality welted shoes without pinning the heel to the boot using a nail inserted through the insole.

An additional footbed was designed to conceal the nail heads inside the footwear. Your heel would resemble the nail heads without the footbed because the leather around it would eventually become squeezed.

Due to the usage of steel shank heels, Alden shoes are bulkier than Allen Edmonds. Allen Edmonds weighs considerably less. Allen Edmonds is also more fitted and tighter than Alden.

Compared with Allen Edmonds, Alden is more pricey, probably because it has a footbed that is exceptionally padded. While Alden only offers an oak-tanned leather outer sole, Allen Edmonds offers rubber-based material, leather, or both materials as an outsole.

Allen Edmonds is more adaptable than Alden when it involves wearing them on various occasions and with complementary clothing because of the variety of outsole options available.

Alden vs. Allen Edmonds – which one is better?

People make different decisions. Even though most people chant “Alden all the way,” many still believe Allen Edmonds to be the finest. According to the combined weight of the two shoes, Alden is bulkier and more substantial than Allen Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds is typically preferred over Alden due to its notable lightweight. They favor Alden, however, due to the additional padded footbed when it comes to the super duper comfort the shoe delivers.

Final Verdict
To ensure durability, we frequently pay close attention to the shoe’s material quality when selecting a pair of dress shoes. Additionally, you’ll be drawn to elements that define your style, such as color or texture. The top two dress shoe brands that offer outstanding workmanship and comfort are Allen Edmonds and Alden. One should constantly consider his or her preference when making a decision, as some people prefer Allen Edmonds to Alden. So, look at the brand’s quality and styles and grab them as soon as possible.


The many Alden shoe styles fit differently and come in different sizes due to the diverse last shapes. The many Alden shoe styles fit differently and come in different sizes due to the diverse last shapes.

A pair of Alden shoes will last a lifetime thanks to their outstanding design, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to polishing and repairs.

Today, Allen Edmonds is the biggest manufacturer of high-end men’s shoes in the United States. 

 They should last you for many years if you take good care of them and alternate wearing them with other shoes.

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