Are Boot Sizes the Same as Shoe Sizes?

Are Boot Sizes the Same as Shoe Sizes?

All about boot and shoe sizes

Are Boot Sizes the Same as Shoe Sizes?

Are you finding it harder to know that boot sizes are the same as shoe sizes? This can be tricky as the answer can be yes or no. We recognize by researching that the shoes and boots size are the same for some people, but for some, it’s not. This happens due to vital factors that distinguish shoes and boots, like how they measure size. Also, brand sizing matters as not all brands serve the exact sizing of boots. 

This guide is written to educate you all about boots and shoe sizes. Let’s move forward with the below information. 

What makes shoe and boots size different?

Construction and stitching matters

The very first vital factor that can affect the size of boots and shoes is the construction and stitching, as there are about plenty of shoes constructed with insoles and upper stitched together. And in others like the stitching down technique, the upper section is placed on either side of the midsoles before the entire assembly is stitched. However, there are about a hundred ways, like good welt stitching, stitching down methods, cemented construction methods, and many more. The construction plays a crucial role in the sizing. So one should always look at the stitching variation before buying shoes or boots and measure his size accurately. 

Brand difference 

Another big variation that can make boot and shoe sizes different is the difference between brands. Every brand makes its size chart according to its policies and whims. However, some come with the exact sizing, but only some brands have the same size of boots and shoes. So choosing different brands for shoes and other shoes can make a difference. While choosing any shoe or boot, one should always consider that different brands serve different sizes, which can cause a problem when wearing them. 

The type of footwear is a significant consideration. 

Types of footwear matter a lot! While wearing, you might have observed that the structure of the boots seems different from the shoes. For wider feet, boots can fix, but shoes can be a little tight or painful on the same size. So, the type can make a big difference.

Measuring issues 

Another variation that can give you the variation in the size of boots and shoes is the measurement techniques, as there are many ways to measure your feet’ size. It relies upon the last’s length, the mold used to create the shoes or boots. You can use different methods of measuring your size, like the Barleycorns system, the Brannock system, and many more. So, while selecting the boots, choose the best way of measuring and measure wisely. 

How to measure the size 

Before we tell you about the measuring method, let us look at some critical points. 

  • Ensure that after you have decided to measure your size, measure in the afternoon, as it is said that the size of your feet stays a little bigger at night than during the day. 
  • Remember to add one more finger when examining the top and sides of the foot because doing so will make sure that you receive the correct fit even when using socks or other padding.
  • Depending on the measurement system used in the nation you live in, use inches or centimeters to determine the size of your feet.
  • To avoid the problem of straying beyond the paper’s surface while drawing, use a large piece of cardboard more prominent than a standard sheet of white paper.

Steps to measure the size 


Put a white cardboard on the floor and put your feet on it. 


Grab a pencil or pen and draw your feet shape accurately without making mistakes. 


After tracing your foot, step back and outline the right part of the foot (just below the toe) and draw a big toe onto the board, providing space for socks or extra cushioning that may come inside boots or shoes. By doing this, the size you estimate will be larger than your actual foot. 


Along with the markers, draw a line upward and to the sides so that those lines come together to form a corner. 


Lastly, record the distance between the marks and the other side with a tape measure. And you are done. 

Wrapping up

Boots and shoes are the trending one as people who are boot and shoe lovers buy them the most. The issue that occurs while you buy online is the size. The boots and shoe sizes are the same, but factors like country variation, brand difference, type, measurement issues, and many more make boots and shoe sizes different. So, while selecting your favorite shoes online, consider the above factors and choose wisely.


Using and walking in wrong-sized boots can cause discomfort and pain, as tight boots are always painful. These pains can also cause foot issues like blisters and other health problems. Also, more comprehensive and closed shoes can cause rubbing of your toes, which can also be painful. So always go for the right size boots, and if you have boots that are rubbing your toes, look on to our best article, How to Prevent Shoes from Rubbing Toes.

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