Beckett Simonon vs. Allen Edmonds

Beckett Simonon Vs. Allen Edmonds

The clothes are just not enough to stand out when talking about the perfect men’s wear, especially the hard-to-get-right “formal” look (way harder than casual). Without perfect footwear and some accessories that blend in with style, that proper masculine yet formal look can never be achieved. A wrong choice of footwear can easily destroy your impression, whether it is a business meeting or even a close friend’s wedding.

  You must have heard the quote:

“Good shoes take you to good places!”

Talking about suitable shoes, the best footwear for every formal style is good old Leather Shoes. But still, the never-ending fashion questions continue, and you may ask, “Where to get the perfect pair of leather shoes that not look amazing but also fit amazing?” Chill guys! We are here with the answer. This article will discuss two amazing brands with the perfect formal footwear that’ll solve your never-ending fashion concerns!

What are Beckett Simonon and Allen Edmonds

Beckett Simonon and Allen Edmonds are two globally distinguished men’s formal footwear brands belonging to different states of the USA. The two brands are considered luxurious, but they both fall in the moderately expensive shoe sellers category.

Allen Edmonds was founded in 1922 and gained fame after World War II. It is based in Washington and has factories in the USA and Italy. In 2022, the brand scored an experience of a whole century!

Beckett Simonon, being the new kid, was founded in 2012. It is based in Colombia and has factories in Colombia and Portugal. In the year 2022, the company reached a ten-year experience.

Features And Specifications:

So aside from all the brands in the global footwear market, why should you be considering these two? Well, the answer is just not a one-liner. Both brands have unique features that make them and their product stand out. Let’s take a look at them:

·   High-quality, Gold-Standard Leather

According to the owners, the shoes are carefully crafted with the most outstanding Argentinian leather. They also use Full-grain European Calfskin and the finest Shell Cordovan leather.

·   Availability of Customized manufacturing

The most significant concern a customer may have when buying any fashion wear is “Will it fit me perfectly or not?” Both brands solve this issue by giving the option of Custom manufacturing, so the consumer tells their shape, size, or whatsoever to get the most satisfying results.

·   Comfort is a top priority

Being formal all day long wipes out the comfort but not with the shoes from these two producers. Along with the on-spot formal look, the manufacturers also put consumer comfort as the top priority so that fashion does not always become a pain!

·   Top-notch and modern designs

All this formal stuff must be very plain and simple and not contain any designs. Wrong! Beckett’s and Allen’s footwear perfectly combine formality and up-to-date designs. Now you won’t get bored with being formal!

·   Promised durability

Now, let’s say you are very impressed with all the features mentioned above, and you buy the shoes without wasting any time, and they tear apart after a couple of uses. Disheartening right? Not with the brands we are talking about right now! They offer all the amazing features along with the promise of durability. Are they durable, though? Find out in the product reviews section of this article.

Signature Designs:

Allen Edmonds Signature Shoes:

The most famous shoes designed by Allen Edmonds that are still in stock include:

Park Avenue Signature Lug

Courtside Signature Sneakers

Signature Penny Loafers

Slip-on Signature Suede Sneakers

Besides these Signature styles, Allen Edmonds has many other designs manufactured to perfection.

Beckett Simonon Signature Shoes:

The shoes that I am going to list here have been called the “5 shoes that a man must have,” according to Beckett Simonon.

●     Black Cap-Toe Oxford

Fonseca Boots

Watson Derbies

Beaumont Suede Loafers

Morgen Trainer

Benefits Of Choosing These Brands:

Everyone will agree that brands are expensive, and one can easily get the brand substitute at a significantly lower price, right? Then why should you be considering these brands?

I have a question first! Do brandless shoes offer any warranty? No right! Both these brands have excellent customer service and a warranty period that brandless items or even some brands do not offer.

Secondly, the point that they are expensive can be easily omitted as they run multiple sales over the year in which you can get the amazing product at 25% or even 50% off!

Last but not least, they have sizes that fit all. How cool is that! You see and start loving the product in most brandless items, but they don’t have your size. That is heartbreaking. Not with these.

There are several reasons and many benefits that you should consider these brands. Keep reading to know more!

Pros and cons:

Nothing in this universe is completely perfect! With a great list of advantages also come some points of error. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Allen Edmonds and Beckett Simonon separately to compare which one to choose.

Allen Edmonds Pros and Cons

Allen Edmonds


  • Keeps your feet warm
  • Prevent feet from moisture
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh lining


  • Can be a little pricey

Beckett Simonon Pros and Cons”


  • Keeps your feet warm
  • Prevent feet from moisture
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh lining


  • Can be a little pricey

Which Brand Wins?

In terms of Raw Materials usedBoth brands use the highest quality leather and other raw materials, due to which we cannot judge which is better based on the quality. One comment is that Allen Edmond, older and more experienced in this industry, shows a better sense of tackling different leathers and designs.

In terms of Looks and Designs As mentioned above, Allen Edmonds offers a vast range of designs ( 50,000 + ). In comparison, the variety range of Beckett Simonon is relatively lower but whatever they offer is nothing less than the best.

In terms of QualityMany buyers of Allen Edmonds reported poor quality when they observed loose threads and wrinkled leather after a few uses of their ordered product. None of the extremely few cases were reported in the case of Beckett Simonon, which proves this brand to have better quality control.

Regarding Comfort The two brands show no compromise regarding customer comfort. A tie could be considered between them as far as user comfort is concerned.

In terms of Durability On Amazon and some other platforms, customers complained about the low durability of Allen Edmonds’s shoes. Buyers complain that the heels of shoes get ripped apart after six months to 9 months of usage. No such complaints are seen with Beckett Simonon’s shoes.

In terms of priceIf you want to pay a little less and still want the luxurious suit shoes, go with Beckett Simonon. Allen Edmonds offers sales multiple times a year, and you can get their shoes at a lower price as well, but only part of the year-round like Beckett Simonon. So it is clear that Beckett Simonon is the winner as far as prices are concerned!

Who is the winner? To answer this question, I’ll just say:

If you have a high budget but don’t want to wait a quarter year before your order arrives, go for Allen Edmonds. But, if you have the patience and want to save more

than 100 dollars, go for Beckett Simonon.

Buying Guide

After reading the whole article, if you have decided to buy a perfect pair of leather shoes, this part is for you!

Go through their store online, but if you are a “Look, Feel, then Buy” person like me, you should visit their stores.

Is there anything else I can buy from these brands?

Other than being a global seller of shoes, Beckett Simonon and Allen Edmonds also have many other leather accessories like Work bags, Belts, and more. Visit their websites to see what variety of accessories they offer.

Product Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Like in every market, one customer may like the product while another dislikes it. The same mixed reviews were obtained from customers who ordered and used both products. Let’s have a look at some of the reviews shared by customers:

Reviews for Beckett Simonon
I’m honestly floored at how comfortable, well-made, and beautiful these sneakers are. 10/10 will recommend them to everyone I know and will buy another pair soon.

The shoes are high quality and an excellent value for the price.

Outstanding quality. Excellent customer service.

While most people seem positive and satisfied about Beckett Simonon, things are slightly different for Allen Edmond.

Reviews For Allen Edmond
This shoe looks amazing. I’ve had a couple of problems with durability. The heel on one shoe just up and fell off one day when I was at the office (after about nine months of reasonably light office use).

This shoe has become my new favorite in “dress casual” shoes. It’s extremely comfortable walking around town and looks great with many different clothes.

Terrible quality control. I bought one pair, but the tongue was too broad, creating a huge dent in the top of the boot. I returned them and got a second pair same defect.


Let’s go through the summary of the whole article.

Allen Edmonds and Beckett Simonon are two high-end brands, officially belonging to the US, working in the men’s footwear industry. The two brands manufacture the best formal footwear with the best quality leather and craftsmanship. All the details of these brands can be obtained above.


Beckett Simonon falls under the category of moderately expensive brands. It is not a total high-end luxury brand.

Yes, Allen Edmond works with the best quality raw materials and craftsmen. They are known for their use of the finest quality leather for 100 years.

The answer to this cannot be a simple yes or no. The decision varies from customer to customer. The only thing proven is that Allen Edmonds has amazing shoes with great comfort and quality.

Beckett Simonon was founded by two entrepreneurs, Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado. Their shoes are hand-crafted by amazingly experienced craftsmen.

Yes, their shoes fit perfectly, are true to size, and are designed with the latest sizing technology.

Yes, Allen Edmonds is an American Edmonds with manufacturing factories in America and Italy.

“Fashion is judged from the bottom up!”

Incorrect footwear means destroying the masculine style so remember to CHOOSE WISELY.:

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