Best Barefoot Shoes For Toddlers

Best barefoot shoes for toddlers

Guide About Barefoot Shoes For Toddlers

Do you even count how often your kid falls and stands up back while learning to walk? You cannot even measure. However, it can be challenging for toddlers to walk and learn in the first few months. They might get an injury if their feet are not safe.

Parents should take care of their kid’s feet to avoid injuries and harm. For this, parents should buy high-quality barefoot shoes for their kids that help in protecting their feet.

Similarly, we have tested about a hundred barefoot shoes for toddlers and found that only some barefoot shoes serve good quality and protect the feet well. However, we have selected some of the best barefoot shoes for toddlers. Let us have a look at the below information.

Why Are Barefoot Shoes Necessary For Toddlers?
Many foot issues are caused, and injuries are caused if the feet are not secure and safe for your toddler baby. As they try walking and taking steps, their feet should be safe from harm. However, wearing such narrow and hard shoes can make their feet narrow. To make them grow properly, one should buy reliable shoes for their baby.

Similarly, comfortable and reliable shoes are the best way to grow and develop your toddler’s feet, as uncomfortable ones can be dangerous. To give toddlers a reliable and comfy effect while walking, barefoot shoes are made as they are the best and help develop the baby’s feet.

No one can deny that barefoot shoes aid the baby in walking and dashing. So, barefoot shoes have become compulsory for the baby as soon as he starts taking the first step.

What To Look For While Buying Barefoot Shoes

Being the most critical step in the development of the baby’s feet, one should be a little concerned while buying barefoot shoes for his baby as not every shoe comes with soft material and comfort. However, while buying, one should look at the following factors.

The first and most crucial factor to consider is comfort. Babies need comfort. Uncomfortable shoes can make them irritated and cause issues in their feet. So, while buying, glance at how comfortable the barefoot shoes are and from which material they are constructed.

Another factor to look at is flexibility. Consider how easy it is for the baby to walk and move while wearing the shoes. Also, how well the shoes can protect your baby’s feet.
No Height
Long sole shoes can cause discomfort and difficulty for toddlers to walk. So, for toddlers, you need barefoot shoes that have little or no height. Grab barefoot shoes that do not contain heels so that your baby can walk and run efficiently.

High Grip
The gripping of shoes matters a lot while the baby takes his initial steps. The higher the grip will be, the lesser there will be the chance of falling. So, buy some barefoot shoes for toddlers that has high grip.

Four Best Barefoot Shoes For Toddlers

1. Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby And Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker
Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby And Toddler Boys Artie Athletic Sneaker

With a love for little toes, these Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby and Toddler barefoot shoes are ideal for toddlers. These shoes are constructed with a comfy inner sole that gives maximum comfort to toddlers. These boots are easy to adjust as they contain hooks and loops for adjustment and putting on and off.
  • High grip
  • Light weight
  • No heels
  • Can be a little wide for some toddlers

2. New Balance Kid’s New-B V1 Hook And Loop Sneaker
  New Balance Kid's New-B V1 Hook And Loop

With affordability and style, these New Balance Kids toddler barefoot shoes are perfect for learners. This shoe is crafted with a synthetic upper and is easy on the toes. The shoes are constructed with lighter weight so that they will not tire your toddler boy or girl. The boot will also protect your baby’s feet and support them well.
  • Rubber sole
  • Comes in different colors
  • easy to pull on and off
  • Sizes can be different for some

3. Stride Rite Unisex-Child Sm Zips Runner Sneaker
Stride Rite Unisex-Child Sm Zips Runner

Is your baby walking for the first time? Grab this best Stride Rite Unisex barefoot shoe for a toddler crafted with a rubber sole in the USA. The shoe has memory foam inside that tends to be easy and comfortable on the toes. The shoe has a high-gripped outer sole that does not let the baby fall. Select any of the colors from 4 colors that are available at Amazon.
  • APMA approved
  • Slip resistant
  • Reliable
  • Can be pricey

4. Simple Joys By Carter’s Unisex Kids And Toddlers’ Casual Slip-On Canvas Shoe
 Simple Joys By Carter's Unisex Kids And Toddlers' Casual Slip-On Canvas Shoe

Look on to this amazing cute novelty print Carter’s Unisex barefoot shoes that serve with high grip and maximum comfort to toddlers. This easy-to-pull-on-and-off barefoot shoe does not contain any lace or hook feature, making it easier for toddlers to walk and give a good grip. This shoe is best for baby girls and boys as it comes in different colors.
  • Affordable
  • High grip
  • flexible
  • Less comfortable than others

Final Verdict
Shoes play a vital role in our lives and impact our feet when we start to learn. For you learning boy or girl who has just started to walk, stay concerned about the shoes they wear.
Buy some best barefoot shoes for your toddler to avoid harm and further issues. Grab the best barefoot shoe for toddlers from Amazon that is affordable and high-quality.


We think toddlers who have just started growing up do not need arch support as they are at a developing age. Once they reach the age of 5-7, they should wear boots supporting the arch. So, toddlers should wear comfortable barefoot boots that are flat without support.

The ideal shoes for toddlers are barefoot shoes, as barefoot serve maximum comfort and are crafted with soft material. So, rather than buying shoes with challenging material, buy barefoot shoes as soon as your baby starts walking.

Avoid buying shoes with high heels for toddlers, as they can harm your baby’s feet and change their shape. For toddlers learning to walk, barefoot shoes with low-height outer soles are perfect to buy. 

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