Best Women’s Non-Slip Work Shoes

Best Women’s Non-Slip Work Shoes

Are you afraid of slipping on the wet floor? Do you want to buy the Best Women’s Non-Slip Work Shoes? Well, then, you have landed at the right place. 

We are well aware of the problems working women face every day. Whether you work at a restaurant or a hospital, most workplace floors are quite slippery. So, you can’t wear your regular heels or slippery pumps in these places. Because slipping on the floor is a nightmare for working women. 

However, it is hard to find comfort and style in nonslip shoes. But there is no need to worry since we have got you covered. We did a little research, tried on the best-reviewed shoes, and finally selected the five best slip-resistant shoes for women. 

The below-mentioned non-skid shoes provide excellent grids thanks to their specially designed outsoles and save you from inconvenience in the office. 

APRIL SPRING Women’s Walking Shoes: Best Nonslip sneakers with rubber sole

APRIL SPRING Women's Walking Shoes

If you are looking for safety shoes for women in different colors and designs, then these APRILSPRING women’s shoes are what you need. These shoes are designed to keep you on your feet all day long. 

These shoes have an insole honeycomb design that will absorb the vibrations while walking and maximize ventilation. This design, in return, keeps the feet balanced. And not to mention the rubber sole that will give extra comfort to your feet. 

The upper part of the shoes is made of mesh fabric. The good thing about this fabric is that it is breathable. Thus, enabling your feet to breathe properly while walking or running. 

In addition, the blade rubber outsole will enable you to run without any fear of falling or slipping. Thus, you can enjoy a regular walk. 

These stylish shoes come in different colors to match your outfit. Plus, you don’t need to sit down and pull for minutes to wear them as they are easy to pull on and off. 

Their unique design makes these shoes suitable for walking, jogging, shopping, sports, camping, and even outdoors. 


  • Honeycomb insole 
  • Wear and slip resistant
  • Variety of colors 


  • Not suitable for long runs 

Dansko Women’s Mule: Best shoes for working women 

Dansko Women's Mule

If you are looking for stylish shoes for working women that go with every outfit, these Dansko mules will not disappoint you. These imported shoes are made from 100 percent leather. So, they will provide not only style but also comfort. 

The platform measures around 0.75 inches and helps give you support while walking. The leather sole makes sure to increase your grip too. These Dansko shoes are designed to give better shock absorption than athletic shoes. 

The problem with most mules is that the toe box needs to be more comfortable. However, these shoes come with a wide toe box that provides more breathing space for your toes. The upper of the shoes are also made from patent leather. 

Another thing I love about these shoes is the padded footbed that will give extra comfort to your feet. So, you can wear them all day long without getting tired. The slip-on style will allow you to wear and take them off whenever you need them, especially if you are looking for solid shoes to wear for hours while working. 


  • Sturdy build 
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • Easy to wear


  • Material is somewhat hard
  • Not suitable for long trips 

KEEN Utility Women Stylish slip-resistant shoes 

KEEN Utility Women Stylish

If you are looking for high-performance hiker shoes, these keen utility women’s shoes will not disappoint you. These imported shoes are also made of leather soles that make them comfortable for long hikes. The upper part is made from 100% leather which means they will last longer than your usual sneakers. 

Now the question is, what makes these shoes different from standard boots or sneakers? They come with a lace-up design, so you need not worry about them loosening up. Moreover, the steel toes on both sides are asymmetrical, making these women’s slip-resistant shoes ideal for long walks. 

Similarly, the large toe box will allow your toes to breathe and relax without pinching. A molded enforcement near the toe box will give your toes extra protection. The innovative shape and functional design will save your toes from unexpected injury. So, you need not worry about mild impact and abrasions.

Moreover, the shoes offer a metatomical dual-density design. This footbed design not only cradles the foot’s natural shape but also provides extra support. So, you will not find better shoes for hiking or running in the market these days. 


  • Provide balance to feet  
  • Comfortable wear
  • Suitable for wearing all day long


  • The lace-up design makes them difficult to wear 

New Balance 625 work Sneakers Women 

Staying comfortable at work, especially when you work in some industrial area, is what most women struggle with. The usual pumps or heels can never work in such an environment. So, these industrial New balance 626 shoes are what you need. 

These shoes are good for comfort, safety, and stability. Your feet will get extra support while working for hours during your evening shifts. Well, all thanks to its rubber sole and pure leather finish. 

The internal shank used in its formation will provide extra support and stability to your feet, especially while working long hours. Moreover, the heels have crash pas that absorbs shock waves and decreases the impact. This pad uses cushioning and compression resistance to deliver your feet the comfort it demands. 

These shoes come with a non-marking sole, so you need not worry while wearing them in your office. These shoes are not only oil-resistant but also slip-resistant. So, you will track firm traction on different surfaces. Both oil and slip-resistant properties are tested. 


  • Provide balance to feet  
  • Comfortable wear
  • Suitable for wearing all day long
  • Waterproof 


  • Not long-lasting 

Skechers Slip Resistant Shoes Women’s

No one can beat sketchers when it comes to providing women’s nonslip restaurant shoes. Sketchers have been known forever for providing the finest quality nonslip shoes. So, whether you are looking for comfort, style, or sturdiness, you will get it in these Skechers Ghenter shoes. 

The upper part of these shoes is made from 100% mesh fabric, making them breathable. So, you need not worry about sweating or discomfort while wearing them. 

Another thing that I love about these shoes is their rubber sole. No matter how long you wear them, the rubber sole will never let your feet hurt. Thanks to their build, these shoes are also lightweight. Thanks to their mesh material, you can wear them all day but still not feel a thing. 

Moreover, the rubber sole is designed to improve your grip on the ground. So, whether you are running on a wet floor or oily surface, these shoes will satisfy you. 

The only problem that most people face with these shoes is that they are smaller than usual sizes. So, do for one size up than your regular size. 


  • Ultimate nonskid shoes 
  • Comfortable and easy to wear 
  • Lightweight design 


  • It gets wet when you sweat. 

Lugz Leather Working Shoes For Women 

Lugz Leather Working Shoes For Women 

Are you looking for comfortable and simple low-profile sneakers for working women? Well, you are in the right place, as these Lugz slip-resistant sneakers are what you need. 

The pure leather used in its formation ensures high quality. So, unlike usual shoes, these high-end sneakers will not fall apart and last for years. In addition, the rubber sole makes sure to deliver you comfort while walking. The outsole is vulcanized, so you will get protection from slipping or falling on the floor. The manufacturers have used cushioned insole that provides extra comfort. 

Although shoes have a leather upper, the lining of the shoes is such that they turn out to be breathable on the whole. Moreover, it has a lace-up closure. So you can adjust the shoes according to your size. 


  • Breathable material   
  • High-quality shoes
  • Made from pure leather 
  • Affordable 


  • It comes in only one color 

Feet hit Women’s Slip Resistant Shoes. 

Feet hit Women’s Slip Resistant Shoes

If you are looking for lightweight sneakers for everyday use, these feethit women’s shoes will be best for you. They come with a mesh upper. This upper makes these shoes breathable and lightweight. The ventilation ports will help your feet in breathing. So, your feet will stay fresh and cool after hours of wearing them. 

Although the shoe fit doesn’t need laces, these laces will give your feet extra stability while running or walking on a treadmill. You can quickly put them on and off thanks to the long tongue of the shoes. These laces also provide added safety. 

The insoles are designed to make your feet light. They are soft and also removable, which makes them super comfortable. Moreover, these insoles will support the contours of your feet and save them from any added pressure. 

Another thing that makes these shoes good is their soft but durable outsole. You can bend the rubber outsole freely without any worry as its material is elastic. Moreover, the heel of these shoes is also made of comfortable and soft material, elastane. So you can move your feet without any worry. 

A versatile collection of colors makes these shoe ideal for running, gym, workout, nursing, and work. 


  • Highly elastic shoes with comfy heal 
  • Stable insole 
  • Laces for a perfect fit


  • Not suitable for people who have wide feet

Avia Avi-Union II Strap NonSlip Work Shoes Women’s

Avia Avi-Union II Strap NonSlip

If you are tired of laced shoes that are uncomfortable to take on and off during work, then these cute nonslip shoes are what you need. They are made up of 100% man-made material, so you need not worry about animal cruelty. 

The sole of the shoes is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, making them highly comfortable. Plus, you can wear these black slip-resistant shoes anywhere, whether you work at a restaurant or some field.

The rubber soles have a unique tread pattern resistant to water and oil. Plus, thanks to its sole, you neither need to worry about sweat nor any trapped oil or mud. You can also wear these shoes in food service locations. 

Another feature that makes these women slip resistant shoes unique is their lightweight. You can wear them all day long without the fear of sweating or hurting your feet. They are ideal for waitresses, nurses, and other women working in offices. 

These shoes also come with a removable memory foam liner. The memory foam curves around the feet’ contours and reduces the pressure points to provide a perfect fit. 

 In addition, these sneakers are durable and supportive. They use unique heel stabilizing features and an anatomical heel cradle. Plus, the Compression molded midsole will offer extra cushioning and shock absorption to your feet while doing supports. 

Moreover, the strap-on design makes these shoes different from others. Especially for children or older adults, these shoes are ideal as they do not demand much effort while putting them on. 


  • Strap-on features make them easy to wear
  • Made of cruelty-free material 
  • Comfortable and lightweight 


  • The material is somewhat stiff.

What kind of product is best overall?

Once we have gone through the eight best nonslip shoes for restaurants, it is time to know the best one. I have tried some of them, and KEEN Utility composite tor shoes for women are the best. 

What kind of product is most comfortable? 

Regarding comfort level, you have to look for certain features. For instance, added cushioning and the material used make a shoe comfortable. In addition, you may want to look for your exact size if you do not want to compromise on comfort. However, if you want to know which shoes are the most comfortable, then AVIA AVI II strap-on shoes will never disappoint you. 

Buyers Guide

Now the question is, what to look for while buying nonslip shoes? Well, we all know the trouble while buying work shoes, especially when working on a wet or slippery floor. Therefore, you must keep certain things in mind while purchasing non-slip shoes. 

Insole and Outsole material

The most important thing that makes a shoe comfortable and slip-resistant is the material used in its formation. If your selected shoe is made of rubber or leather material, then these are of high quality. These shoes will not only last longer but also offer comfort. However, leather insole shoes are somewhat uncomfortable to wear at the start. You can also for man-made material. 

Non-slip element 

If you are looking for nonslip shoes, look for grooves in the sole of the shoes. Most of these shoes are designed to increase your grip on the ground. Walk a few steps while trying them on, and slide your feet on the floor. If the shoes resist sliding, that is exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, most of these shoes come with elastic side gores which is quite impressive. 


While trying the shoes on, see if there is room for enough airflow. Sometimes material used in the construction offers no airflow. This will make your feet wet and smelly after a few hours of use. 


The next thing that determines whether your shoes are comfortable or not is the padding. Cushioning is done to make your feet comfortable and fitted in the shoes. The material used in cushioning is also important in determining their comfort level. 


If you are a working woman, then AVIA AVI II shoes will serve to be a lifesaver for you. However, if you are looking for style as well, then the DANSKO mules are also a good option. 

Yes, slip-resistant shoes are same as the non-slip shoes and we can use them alternatively. 

Vans come with a unique diamond pattern design on the soles which makes them non-slip shoes. 

If you have been using your slip-resistant shoes for years, then these non-slip shoes may lose their grip. This is because their grip pad gets worn out. However, you can apply a textured grip pad that will increase their life. 

New Balance 625 work sneakers are a suitable option if your job involves standing all day. 

Keen Utility work shoes are ideal for working on concrete floors since they are made from sturdy material. 

Yes, Skechers is one of the best shoes available in the market when it comes to comfort and slip resistance, 

Both sneakers and mules are good for offices. APRIL SPRING women’s shoes is something that you should consider. 

The patterned design on the sole and material used in its formation is what makes a boot slip resistant. 

Yes, both anti-slip and non-slip are similar terms. 

Ideally go for rubber, leather, or man-made sole. However, look for a patterned design if you wanna make sure that your shoes are slip-resistant.

Yes, crocs can also work for slippery surfaces.

Summing Up
We have mentioned 8 of the best women’s slip-resistant shoes. I have personally tried some of them. All of them come with their pros and cons. But it is important to have a head start before going shopping. Make sure to keep our buyer’s guide in mind while going shopping.

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