Crocs Repair Guide

Crocs Repair Guide

All about broken Croc

Crocs Repair Guide

Is your favorite Croc broken? Don’t worry we will cover a detailed crocs repair guide here. Crocs are a well-known brand of shoe due to their ease of use. They are versatile, light, antibacterial, and breathable for various functions.

However, your shoes may start to deteriorate, or their straps may fail after some use. When it happens when you’re out and about, it can be very inconvenient. The beneficial news is that if this occurs to you, you won’t need to spend money on a new pair of shoes.  You can repair your broken crocs’ strap with some simple thing like a scissor, glue or a new strap. This post will go over how to mend a strap or rivet on a pair of Crocs so you may resume wearing your shoes. To know all about Crocs repair guide, have a look below.

How Can a Broken Rivet on a Croc Be Fixed?

There are different ways to fix a croc with a broken rivet. The old rivet needs to be taken out as a first step. Either a drill or a chisel can be used for this.

Cleaning the hole is necessary after removing the old rivet. Sandpaper or a wire brush can be used for this. You must place the new rivet once the hole has been thoroughly cleaned.

You have two options for it: a rivet gun or a hammer. Place something underneath the rivet’s head before using a hammer to prevent harm to the Croc. Put washers plus nuts on both sides of the new rivet to lock it once it has been set in place.

Can I repair a broken Crocs strap?

When you adore the shoes you already own, going out and getting a new pair can be a significant bother. However, can you mend the damaged strap? You may repair your strap without purchasing a new team with just a few simple tools. You only need a steady hand, tools, and patience.

 Fixing materials for a Crocs strap

You’ll need a few materials and equipment to fix a Crocs strap. 

  • You’ll need a scissor to start as it replaces the broken strap after cutting it off.
  • A needle and thread are also required. With this, the new strap will be attached.
  • You’ll also require a new strap. You can get a replacement at the
  • Amazon shop or buy one built specifically for your model of Crocs.
  • Last, you’ll need a tool to measure the strap’s length. This can be a ruler or a measuring tape.

You should be able to repair the strap on your Crocs using these tools and supplies. Follow the directions to avoid the strap breaking again due to inaccurate measurements or stitching. Take advantage of your newly repaired Crocs after replacing the strap.

Steps to fix a Crocs strap

If you have a pair of Crocs shoes, you can notice that the straps gradually begin to unravel. This may cause you to throw up. Fortunately, repairing a Crocs strap requires a few simple steps.

  • To begin with, check the strap to make sure all of the components are there. You might have to buy a new strap from Crocs if parts are missing.
  • The retainer piece holding the strap in place must then be removed by opening the strap.
  • After that, you must reattach the strap to the shoe and affix the retainer piece.
  • Finally, you’ll need to put the strap back together, ensuring that every component is tightly connected and the strap is appropriately positioned.
  • Once the strap has been mended, you can enjoy wearing your Crocs shoes with a strap that fits correctly.

Some key points to note

You must follow precise instructions when installing a Crocs strap on a particular model.

  • It’s critical to determine which Crocs model you’re trying to repair first.
  • Knowing the model number is crucial because different models have various strap setups.
  • You can find the strap’s component locations after determining the model. While other versions might only have one strap, some come with many straps.
  • For securing the straps, there may be specific instructions for each model. For instance, some versions require particular tools to ensure the straps, while others use screws and nuts.
  • Once the straps are in position, it’s crucial to make sure they’re securely fastened. Check that the straps are secure enough to offer support without being overly tight. Inspect the belts for any signs of wear or damage.
  • You might have to take the buckle off the shoe for some designs to make adjustments.
  • The strap can be lengthened to the desired level once the buckle has been released.

Why fix a broken Croc

Even though you can buy another pair of Crocs when a part breaks, many people opt to repair their footwear for various reasons. 

Repairing one that’s damaged can save money and be more than purchasing a new one. 

DIY projects are usually enjoyable to do. Shoe repair will appeal to those who enjoy creative endeavors.

Repairing your old pair of Crocs can be advantageous because new ones can take up more space in your closet. 

Final Verdict

Because of its adaptability and durability, Crocs is at the top of the most popular shoes worldwide. Refrain from trashing your broken Croc as there are simple tricks you can follow and fix your Crocs quickly at home.

So, do follow some quick steps and wear them again. Due to their versatility and durability, Crocs are quickly overtaking other brands of shoes as the most popular ones globally. Do not throw away your broken Croc because easy fixes can be made at home using these tips. So please take a few fast actions and put them back on.


It is possible to change the Croc strap completely. Crocs sell new straps that can be quickly switched out for the original ones. You must take the old strap out of the shoe to replace it. You can accomplish this by yanking the strap out of the shoe’s side holes. The new strap can be inserted into the same holes after the old one has been removed and lengthened to your preference.

A 90-day warranty is offered on all Crocs goods. If properly maintained, it can run longer.

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