How to Break In Converse

How to Break In Converse Shoes?

All you need to know about Converse shoes 

How to Break In Converse shoes

Do you own a pair of Converse shoes? If so, do you find it uncomfortable to wear them? Converse sneakers can survive for many years, but they can initially be hard on your feet for about 15 days. Although fifteen days is a lengthy period, there are various methods for accelerating the procedure. Using your Converse footwear around the house will help them break in more quickly. Slip them on and continue wearing them without socks until your feet are not bothered by them or they do not rub against any area of your feet. Additionally, you can break your Converse by donning thick socks. But this guide will show you some of the simplest methods. 

Before guiding you on making the process quickly, let us look at some interesting information below.

Why Does Converse Hurt My Feet?

The flat sole of Converse shoes causes foot pain. The deficiency of arch support, cushioning, low breadth, and walking in extended durations makes Converse unpleasant to wear. Converse is made of sturdy, durable materials; unlike other trainers made of more flexible materials than canvas, it doesn’t conform to your foot. Converse’s lack of cushioning causes friction on your feet while you walk, even though they are light and comfortable to wear once you lace them up. Not every pair of Converse offer arch support, and if you have trouble with flat feet, wearing these shoes may cause heel and toe pain. Flat shoe bottoms can strain the ligaments and muscles in the feet, damaging your entire body. 

Loosening the laces, the entire manner from the top to the bottom of the shoe, will help your Converse feel more comfortable. Secondly, if you’re having issues with thin soles, add some orthotic insoles for additional padding or arch-supporting insoles if necessary. Make sure to pair your footwear with socks as well.

How to break in Converse?

 There are clever tricks to soften Converse quickly, but it can consume up to a month before they can be broken into. Look at four interesting methods below:

Method#1: Wear with socks 

One way that you could break in your Converse shoes is by wearing them with socks. While wearing the shoes about the home will allow your foot to conform perfectly to the shoe’s contour, this can assist the breaking-in process to go more quickly. If you wear your Converse shoes with socks, consider wearing them around the home for a little while before bringing them out on the town. It might help you avoid getting blisters in the future! Your Converse sneakers should be stretched. 

Blisters can be greatly reduced by wearing cotton or thick socks. Wearing them can therefore be advantageous. 

Method#2: use plastic bags 

Wearing plastic bags over your feet before putting on Converse is one of the finest ways to break them in. Wear a plastic bag up on your socks to put something in between your feet and the rigid canvas upper on Converse. Your feet will slide inside the plastic bag as you walk around (this is not dangerous in any way; you will feel some sliding motion). Additionally, using a plastic bag can help avoid blisters because the increased motion will lessen rubbing and friction.

Method#3: Stretch or bend your shoes 

Expanding your Converse footwear is also a way that you might break them within. But it will take a bit of time. Some users find this the most efficient method if their shoes are especially stiff or tight. All you have to do to stretch out your Converse sneakers is wear them normally around the house with socks. Additionally, you can bend your shoes to cause a quick break. It’s okay to occasionally bend your Converse, particularly right before wearing shoes. It would help if you quickly became comfortable with your fresh Converse by bending over and wearing them frequently.

Method#4: Wash them 

Another way that seems very effective if you want to make your shoes soft and comfortable is to wash them in their machines. Converse has an instruction panel and can be safely washed. It’s advised to utilize shampoo with their machine instead of using detergent. Additionally, avoid going too high and limit the water flow to two at most. The cotton canvas becomes softer in the washer, gradually lessening how harsh and inflexible the shoes are. You might have to wash these up to four times to achieve the required softness. Again, there is no possibility of compromising the shoe’s lifespan. 

Final Verdict

Even fresh out-of-the-box Converse shoes can be uncomfortable. Your happiness and likelihood of giving up on your shoes will increase if you can make them more comfy.

It takes time to break into new shoes; it does not happen overnight. However, you can rapidly become accustomed to your new Converse sneakers by attempting the above mentioned methods.


Converse typically has a larger fit than the regular shoe to be easier on your toes.

Converse trainers are useful for short walks but look at investing in a pair of walking shoes for longer walks. 

 Converse needs 2-4 weeks to become comfortable.

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