How To Clean Suede Boots

How to Clean Suede Boots in Easy Steps

“With four pairs of shoes, I can travel the world,” Coco Chanel.

Shoes are always everyone’s priority. People love to buy different kinds of shoes for other occasions as boots and shoes make their personality more elegant and enhance their beauty.

However, many brands manufacture various types of boots made with leather, rubber, denim, nylon, and other composite materials. However, every material has its quality and its advantages. But besides these materials like leather and rubber, have you ever heard about suede material? If not, don’t be curious about what they are and their pros and cons, as we have researched a lot and will guide you about Suede material boots, how they are made, their pros and cons, and steps to clean them as well as the products that are available at Amazon at low price.

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More About Suede Boots

However, the Suede is dark leather with a napped look made from the skin of some specific animals like goats, cows, pigs, etc. The suede material is commonly used for crafting items like jackets, bags, wallets, coats, and many more. Giving a soft look to the items, Suede makes them more durable and luxurious. We can say that China and Europe are the countries where suede material is produced. In addition to the above, there are subtypes of suede material like Ultrasuede, Sueded silk, Sueded cotton, etc.

Besides the above items, like wallets and coats, suede material is also used to manufacture different designs and styles of boots. With the development in fashion and people’s demands, suede boots are crafted to make your wardrobe more attractive.

Comparing the Suede of material with other materials like nylon, leather, rubber, etc., the Suede is the preferable boot as people wear them at many events to give an impressive look to the others. The suede boots are manufactured by undergoing many methods like transforming the skin of an animal into leather, splitting the leather into two and collecting the inner side of the leather for suede boots, dying the material into any color, and then crafting and manufacturing the shoes into you own style with machines.

Pros of Suede Boots

After knowing about Suede and swede material, you must be interested and think about the advantages of suede boots. So, let us debate the pros of suede boots. Have a look below.


While buying boots, the sturdiness of shoes matters a lot. We should always be aware of whether the specific product is durable or not, as nondurable boots can be damaged easily and is a waste of money. The most popular material used for boots, suede boots serve the user with longevity and flexibility, which is the most significant advantage of suede boots. The more durable the boots are, the more they will make you feel good.


The essential pro that every boot must have is comfortableness, as the shoes which are easy to wear can make you feel relaxed and calm even if you are on a party or working day and night. Considering the above feature, we learned that the boots made with Suede material are always accessible on your toes and keep your feet safe. Also, while wearing the boots crafted with wood, you can walk and run efficiently which any danger.

Easy To Clean:

The shoes in your wardrobe need to be cleaned every day after you wear them. However, cleaning boots is the most challenging part. So, it would help if you always bought shoes that are easy to lean on and do not make you frustrated while cleaning. Thanks to the suede material, which does not irritate people and can be cleaned easily, one of the significant advantages of Suede boots is that they are easy to clean and do not require much effort.

Smooth and Classy Look

Wearing a shoe that is out of fashion and does not impress the audience can be a regret. It would be best if you always prefer the one whose material can impress people. The smoother the shoe is, the more attractive it will look. However, the boots made with Suede material are always soft and give a classy look after wearing them.

Cons of Suede Boots        

One should always keep an eye on the cons of boots before buying them. Besides all the advantages that suede boots have, there are also some disadvantages due to which some people avoid buying them. So, let us have a look at them too.

Lack of Waterproof Feature

Many people work in different companies and industries, and they must follow all the company’s hazards and demands. However, people working in wet areas do not desire to choose boots or shoes which does not have the feature of waterproofing in them. However, the main con of Suede boots is their lack of water-resistant quality, due to which if you work near a wet surface or go out in the rain while wearing them, the water goes in, which can be harmful to your feet. Also, the water can leave visible marks on your suede shoe, which looks dirty.


Another disadvantage of suede boots is that some of the boots available at online stores and many other brands are pricey and cannot be affordable by many people.

Easily Damaged

Although boots made with suede material are preferable by many people across the globe, regrettably, the material can be damaged easily. If you wear them regularly, without any care, the material can have starches and water or oil stains, which gives them a messy look. And the scratches on the boots can damage them efficiently, which can be a disadvantage of suede boots. However, to avoid demanding your suede boots, you should always care for them and clean them regularly.

Do You Have A Pair Of Suede Boots?

If you are a shoe lover, you must have different types of boots of different styles, shapes, and designs made with other materials. But did you win a pair of shoes crafted with suede material? If yes, you must wear them at family events or work. However, having a suede boot is okay. Still, you should also be aware that they need special attention and care, as wearing suede boots without taking care of them can make your shoes dirty and damage them. So, to maintain the durability, shape, and design of the shoes, when you take them off, pay attention to them and clean them properly.  

How To Clean Suede Boots

Being the most desirable material of boots, the boots crafted with Suede need some special care. However, people avoided wearing them because they feared damage and stains on the suede boots. But now we will ensure that caring for suede boots is easier than you think. We will tell you some ways and steps to clean your suede boots in no time.

Way# 1: Cleaning Boots With “GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck and Fabric Boot and Shoe Care Kit with Protector Spray”

So, first of all, you need to invest your money in buying the suede cleaning “GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck and Fabric Boot and Shoe Care Kit for cleaning the suede boots with Protector Spray” kit, which is available at amazon in low price. The equipment in the kit is made in the USA and involves four steps and products from which you can easily clean your suede boots. This item can protect your shoes from having strains and marks on them. You have to follow the steps below and clean your boots the way we will tell you. So, let us glance at the below steps.

Step # 1: Use Suede Brush To Remove the Excess Dirt

Firstly, to remove the dirt and excess from your suede boots, with a polite hand and relaxed mind, move the brush in a clockwise direction and keep doing it in backward and forward motion, which will help you clean the dry dirt you have on your shoes.

Step # 2 Use the Eraser To Remove Strains

The brush sometimes needs to help remove the dirt properly. And for this purpose, you need to take out the easer from the kit and gently rub your boots in a clock and anti-clock direction. The rubber in the equipment will help you erase all the oil and water of grease strains from your shoes.

Step# 3 Apply the Boot Cleaner

After erasing all the dirt from the boot, you don’t need anything, but if your shoe seems a little dirtier, the rubber does not help that much. It’s time to give it more attention and apply the boot cleaner on the brush, which comes in a liquid. This boot cleaner can help you remove all the mud marks on your suede boots and make your boots the same as they were when you bought them. So, to clean your suede boots, apply the liquid to the brush and move the brush in slow motion.

Step# 4 Spray the Suede Water Repellent

The final step that will also help you clean your suede boots is the Suede Water Repellent spray bottle available in the kit. So, by spraying the Suede Water Repellent all over your shoes, you can give a final touch to your Suede Shoes and make your boots soft, durable, and provides a flawless look.

Way# 2 Cleaning the Boots With Separate Items

In the same way, it is hard for everyone to afford the above kit. So, rather than the “GEAR AID Revivex Suede, Nubuck and Fabric Boot and Shoe Care Kit with Protector Spray,” many items are available separately on Amazon, which you can easily buy for cleaning your boots. However, the products you can buy on amazon are separate suede cleaning brushes, erasers, boots liquid cleaners. Also, you can clean the suede boots from Heinz All-Natural Distilled White Vinegar which is available on Amazon at a lower price.

So, you can apply it on a towel or a white cloth and rub it all over the suede boots, which will help you clean your shoes quickly and efficiently.

Way# 3 Cleaning Boots With Items Available At Home

In addition to the above content, you should be worried about how to clean your suede boots if you cannot afford to buy different items available at home.

No need to worry as you can also clean your shoes with the thing you have at home, like a home towel; with the towel at your home, you can remove the extra mud and dirt from the boots quickly by rubbing the towel on your shoes properly and gently. Moreover, you should also you the eraser you have at the back of your pencils and clean your boots by erasing the strain and dirt. Also, instead of the cleaning brush to clean your boots, you can use your old teeth brush available at your home.

You can also use your old razor to give your boot a smooth texture. With a gentle hand, you can use the razor on your suede boots which can make your boot material flat and smooth.

What To Avoid

On the other side, and after discussing the pros, cons, and items from which you can easily clean the suede boots, there are some additional precautions that you have to follow, which are as follows.

  • While cleaning the suede boots with an eraser or brush, use the brush with a polite and gentle hand because using a rough hand can damage the fabric of your boots.
  • Always invest in your shoes for cleaning them because the product available on amazon are of high quality and will make your suede shoes long-lasting.
  • Keep your boots in a dry place and avoid keeping them near wet areas.
  • When the sole gets damaged, immediately go to the cobbler and make your boots repaired.
  • If you have any oil strain or a piece of gum stuck on your suede boots, immediately clean it with the eraser or liquid cleaner.
  • Do not use water or oil to clean your suede shoes, as water can decrease the quality of your boots and damage them.

You can clean the muddy suede boots by buying the kit mentioned above and following the steps or using items like vinegar, a towel, or an old toothbrush.

You can use many household items to clean your dirty boots, like an old towel, an old teeth brush, which will help you remove all the dirt from your shoes, an old razor that will make your suede boots smooth, etc.

Yes, the suede boots are not waterproof, so water near your shoes can ruin your suede boots and can cause strain on your shoes. So, you should always avoid wearing your boots in damp places.

Yes, suede boots are more reliable and flexible than leather as they are crafted from soft animal skin, making them comfortable for the ones you wear.

Yes, suede boots are durable and long-lasting to use. But they need some care, and if you do not use them with respect and clean them regularly, they can be damaged.  

Yes, suede boots are warm and even warmer than leather. You can quickly wear them in winter but be careful when it’s raining because water can damage your shoes.

Not all of them, but in some stores, the suede boots are pricey and are not affordable for everyone.

The white vinegar at your home can also help to remove all the spots from your suede boots. Apply it on a white cloth or towel and softly rub it all over the suede material.

Final Verdict
Suede is one of the reliable and natural types of leather crafted with hard work. However, suede boots are readily available at online stores and markets. We have discussed the pros and cons of suede boots and how to clean them. So, if you have a collection of suede boots at your home, you should always clean them with a gentle hand.
Read the above steps, and you can promptly buy the kit for cleaning your suede boots from amazon. Also, there are many separate items available at the store. If you don’t want the whole kit, do grab single items from amazon. Moreover, you can also clean your boots from the things available at home, as mentioned above. Read the above information and for a more interesting article, stay tuned

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