How to clean waterproof work boots

How to clean waterproof work boots

All about cleaning waterproof work boots

Buying work boots can be your hobby, but do you know how important cleaning and maintaining your work boots are? The more you take care of your boots, the longer they will last. Your waterproof work boots need care as they get dirty easily. The article is written to guide you all about how to clean your waterproof work boots in simple steps. So let us glance at the following information.

Steps to clean waterproof work boots 

How to clean waterproof work boots

If you purchase a waterproof work boot, water and boots do not combine. Nevertheless, they must be purified and cared for after a difficult day. Your waterproof working boots can last longer with a little maintenance and cleaning. You may clean your dirty boots by following a few easy methods, like removing all the dirt, raising them with water, applying soap, and scrubbing with a clean cloth. Let’s peek down there.

Step#1: Take off the laces 

Removing the laces every time you clean a shoe would be best. As a result, washing the remainder of the boot is simpler, and the laces are kept clean and dry. When cleaning waterproof boots, it is essential to remove the laces first because they are frequently difficult to clean and may call for an entirely different technique.

After removing the laces, examine the boots to determine the best type of cleaner. If they are soiled, a powerful cleaner could be required. If they are only faintly stained, a kinder cleaner will work. Choose a cleaning appropriate for your unique pair of waterproof shoes from the many available.

Step#2: Remove any dirt by brushing

The next step that you need to do is to clean off any debris before cleaning your work boots. This will make it easier for you to identify the places that require cleaning and prevent missed spots. After thoroughly brushing your shoes, proceed to the next action.

Step#3: Use cold water to rinse

Your k boots can be cleaned most effectively by rinsing them in cold water. Any dirt adhered to the shoes will be removed in this way. Before using the boots once more, make sure to let them air dry.

Step#4: Use a soapy towel to clean the boots.

Use a rag or a towel with soap to scrub the boots. It would help if you used an alternate cleaning technique based on your footwear’s fabric. For instance, you should avoid getting your suede boots damp if you’re wearing them. Instead, use a dry or barely moist towel to remove dirt or debris. As long as you pay attention to the dirtiest region and clean them gently, you shouldn’t have to worry about hurting your shoes if they are made of a more resilient material, like leather. Also, you can use a container of water and wash them easily.

Step#5: Dry them 

The boots should dry and relax after thoroughly cleaning inside and outside. Work boot drying should take 2-5 hours in a warm, dry setting. The work boots will not only dry as a result, but they will also aid in wicking moisture and removing any odors from the inside. Make sure that the boots are not placed in the sun. In the alternative, the leather can split due to the heat.

Step#6: Put some leather conditioner 

The genuine leather on your waterproof boots has to be conditioned after cleaning to look its best. Several leather conditioners are available, but you should pick one made exclusively for waterproof boots. 

Your boots will last longer if you use leather cleaner to keep them looking great. It will also simplify cleaning leather and help shield it from harm caused by water. Please pay close attention to the directions mentioned on the conditioner when using it.

Step#7: Apply/Spray Waterproof Wax

Your work shoes’ waterproof membranes can be conditioned with a waterproofing spray or wax, much like leather. 

Work boots can restore their waterproofing properties thanks to waterproof wax or sprays, guaranteeing that no liquids go inside your work boots.

Before rubbing a leather wax onto the surface of the boots, verify that there is no remaining soap or natural leather conditioner.

To prevent material buildup, softly spray the boots with a waterproof spray a few times from a safe distance.

 If a waterproofing wax is used, lightly dunk a corner of a clean towel in the wax. The upper part of work boots should then be waxed in a circular motion. Allow the wax or spray to do its magic after application so you can enjoy your waterproof work boots once more. 

Step#8: Put newspaper inside the boots

 Whenever you’re not putting on your boots, you can cover them with newspapers to help them maintain their shape and prevent creases. This will aid in moisture absorption and keep the leather appearing its best.

Final Verdict

After spending a long day out in the rain, your top goal is to change out of your soaked clothing and into anything dry.

What about your footwear, though? To be prepared for the next time you require them, you must take care of them because they get the brunt of the muck and wet weather. So follow the above straightforward instructions and gently clean your boots to ensure their long-term durability. .


It would help to clean your work boots every two to three weeks because dirt can easily destroy them and reduce their lifespan. 

No, rain cannot get into the waterproof work boots so one can easily wear waterproof work boots in rainy areas. 

Your costly waterproof work boots could suffer significant harm from the extremely abrasive ingredients in laundry detergents as well as the abrasive motion of a washing machine. Take your time and thoroughly clean and maintain your work shoes instead of putting them in the washer if you aren’t willing to be screaming for months.

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