make wide shoes fit narrow feet

How to make wide shoes fit narrow feet

All about fixing wide shoes to narrow feet 

make wide shoes fit narrow feet

Are you having narrow feet and no shoe appropriately fixed to your feet? Most people face problems due to their little feet, as many shoes are designed for wider feet. Narrow shoes might also be more challenging to find and more costly to order.

Fortunately, persons with little toes can wear any shoe they like by employing fantastic tips. You can tighten the laces on your boots, add insole, add arch support, and many other things.

This blog post is written to educate you about how to make wide shoes fit narrow feet. Let us look down at the following tips and tricks. 

Eight tricks to make wide shoes fix narrow feet 

Add heel inserts 

Heel supports are the way to go if your shoe type is ideal, but you’d prefer a slightly tighter feel. This thin, padded strap is effortlessly fastened to the back of your shoes to increase walking comfort, support, and grip while lowering the risk of painful blisters.

For overly extensive footwear, heel inserts are also excellent. A more substantial cushioning component is put under your heels; the cup or inserts force your foot forward to take up the space within the shoe. Heel cups vary from casual footwear to powerful shock absorbers, and they are most frequently produced from a gel-like polymer. If one has narrow feet, utilizing heel inserts and reducing the size of their shoes is simple.  So, grab Dr. Scholl’s Invisible Cushioning Insoles that are perfect to make you heels fit perfectly. 

Add extra inner sole

Using insoles in shoes will be especially beneficial for people with small or narrow feet because they may enhance fit and keep your feet comfortable and in place. A personal favorite and convenient solution is shoe insoles. 

Making shoes fit smaller is a simple matter. Full-size are a fantastic option for a larger-than-average shoe. Consider running shoes, boots, or closed-toe formal footwear like loafers and oxfords. Yet, choosing the best insoles might be confusing as there are so many kinds and brands.

Full insoles are a great solution if your footwear is too big over the length of your toes. They are there in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to fit your requirements. Look on to insoles like Dr. Scholl’s Ultrasoft Leather Insoles  

Cushioned insoles 

Foam insoles are the best for increasing comfort, plus snug-fitting shoes if you want overall stability. For added convenience, you may also treat yourself to a set of impression inserts that will fit your feet like a glove.

Gel insoles

Thanks to their shock-absorbing, cushioned gel, these will relieve your joints and distribute pressure in your feet. Grab the best one, Foot Petals Women’s ¾ Insole Comfort gel insoles from Amazon 

Thermal insoles

Thermal insoles let you experience the coziness and warmth of your own home. They are perfect for keeping your toes toasty in frigid weather because they are made of a lovely wool and cushioned foam blend. Look on to Yaktrax Thermal Insole.

Leather insoles

A pair of leather inserts guarantees that your shoes are dry and airy. Meltonian Luxur Insoles are best if you need leather insoles. These are a daily necessity because they contain charcoal to absorb odors.

Odor-destroying insoles 

These are a terrific solution to eliminate foot odors and provide support at the same time if you have tired, hardworking feet and a problem with them. Roll your eyes on Dr. Scholls Odor insoles

Add cushioned gel balls. 

Ball foot cushioning is the most helpful insole for reducing the size of shoes to fit your summer sandals, flats, or pumps. These tiny inserts are placed beneath the ball of your foot to provide a strong layer of support, additional padding, and friction for a better grip. One of the best is Dr. Scholl’s Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heels. This keeps toes from sliding around in your shoes when it’s warmer outside. Flats, sneakers, heels, and formal shoes benefit most from this style of half-insole.

Lace-up well 

If you have narrow feet, you can adjust how your shoes are laced to make them fit more comfortably. Lace through the eyelets farthest from the tongue if your boots have two sets of eyelets on each side. This aids in tightening the fit between the shoe’s two sides. There are many kinds of lacing methods, many of which can solve many different shoe issues. If you need help with the ideal way to lace your footwear, look at our previous post, how to lace boots like a Pro. 

Wear socks 

Why not choose anything from your closet if you plan to wear long trousers and flared jeans? You might think about donning socks! You can wear your regular socks or footies if you’d prefer your socks stay hidden within your shoes. Interestingly, wearing socks helps break in new shoes. So, go for thicker or light weight socks like Peds Women’s Lightweight socks rather than purchasing a new pair of shoes. 

Supporting arches

Although arch supports can be expensive, you can find inexpensive ones in the Amazon store. One can be stacked on the other to add space and make your shoes fit. You can cut rubber strips to match your shoes or position them right under your arch to prevent slipping. Powerstep Insoles are the best for Arch support and pain relief. 

Visit cobbler 

You may want something more permanent, or your footwear is too big for the previous fixes. A cobbler can conceal foot grips, tongue pads, or insole cushioning beneath the lining of your shoes. While this may cost you extra, the one-time investment for a pair you wear frequently is worth it.

Important things to remember 

Besides this, look on to some of the key points to remember:

  • Do not pack your shoes with cotton balls, tissue, or point-toe cushions. This is one of the vital things you should keep in mind. Despite being free, these methods can be excruciating.
  • Avoid purchasing overly large shoes because they put you at risk for injury and aren’t worth the risk.

Wrapping up

There isn’t a secret to shrinking shoes or making large shoes fit. However, I always advise purchasing shoes that are the proper size for your foot when you can.

However, since neither life nor our shoes & feet are flawless, adding cheap shoe accessories to trick your way into having shoes fit tightly is always a good idea. Make your shoes work properly, and purchase some fantastic items from Amazon.

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