How to Prevent Shoes from Rubbing Toes

How to Prevent Shoes from Rubbing Toes

Everything you need to know about preventing shoes from rubbing toes 

How to Prevent Shoes from Rubbing Toes

Do your shoes hurt while walking? Many people face the problem due to uncomfortable shoes. Rubbing toes, especially your pinky toe may develop blisters and many other foot problems that can lead to uneasiness and pain. You may make walking pain-free by stopping them from rubbing, so when you walk at ease, there are fewer possibilities that you will slip and fall. However, the article will educate you about some tricks and tips on how to prevent shoes from rubbing toes. So, let us move forward. 

Six tips to prevent shoes from rubbing toes 

A perfect lacing is all you need 

Buying a perfect shoe is a vital factor that you need to consider, but what matters the most is an ideal lacing technique. While wearing your favorite boots, look at how you lace up, as lacing inaccurately can cause blisters, and your toes can rub from shoes which can be harmful.

There are many simple tricks to lace up your boots that can make your boot fit and be comfortable to walk in. So, to avoid rubbing and blister issues, lace up perfectly. If you are confused about how to lace up, glance at our favorite article on how to lace boots like a pro 

Stretching can be a good idea. 

The primary issue that leads to rubbing the toes and causing blister issues is narrow shoes that do not accurately fit your toes. Also, stretching is crucial when you desire to eliminate rubbing on your feet. If your feet feel slightly discomfort in wearing your boots, look at the stretching ideas. Your rubber and leather boots can be stretched in the best way so you can wear them quickly without rubbing your toes and causing pain. 

There are about a hundred methods you can look on and try at home, like stretching your boots through the ice, using hot water, blow dryers, etc. Also, while stretching your shoes, focus on the toe area of your boots to prevent pain. If you have rubber shoes, you can go through one of our articles on stretching rubber boots. 

Powder! How can you forget? 

What can be more perfect than applying any talcum powder? Powder helps to keep your feet dry and away from moisture. You can use powder on the area of your toes to ease the rubbing. 

Flexible uppers are the best option. 

Having boots with flexible uppers is an ideal option. The boots’ flexibility can prevent your toes from having pain and blisters. So, before you decide to buy your boots, look at the quality and flexibility of the boots. The flexible they are, the prompt it will be for you to stretch them. Also, they will not touch your toes uncomfortably and prevent you from stress. 

Grab a perfect size 

Most problems with your tiny toes, such as blistering and corn, are brought on by poorly fitting shoes. Your foot will experience excessive pressure and stress if the footwear you’re wearing is overly tight and uncomfortable. Incorrectly fitting shoes expose your little toe to further pain and discomfort. Because of this, you should wear comfortable shoes in terms of width, size, and depth. So, always look for boots that are of accurate size and width. 

Blister padding? A wow tip 

Grabbing blister-cushioned products is another fantastic tip you can adopt if you are suffering from toe pain from rubbing your toes on your shoes. The blister cushion looks like thin skin that you can wear on any side of your toes touching the shoes to avoid pain and blisters. These blister cushions facilitate comfort and make it easier for you to walk a run any time anywhere, 

Ready to buy a blister cushioned? Look at the best one, Compeed Blister Cushion, available at Amazon at cheap rates. 

Why do they rub against the shoe?

Your shoes that fit poorly are the primary cause of your toes grinding against each other within the shoe. Your toe rubbing may also be brought on by using shoes that are small for you or by having corns or blisters, all related to wearing tight-fitting footwear. However, to avoid this, you can follow some tricks like stretching your boots and grabbing a perfect-fit one. You may also get corn if you frequently run or stroll while wearing shoes with tighter laces. So make sure to always get shoes that are the right size.

Wrapping up

In the wrapping paragraph, a shoe bite or blister caused by rubbing toes from shoes can be painful and stressful. It would be best if you always rolled an eye on the perfect fitting of your boots. However, if your shoes hurt, try the above tricks and make your shoes comfortable to wear.


Yes! Socks are also best if your toes are rubbing, as the socks can prevent pain and provide comfort. But avoid cotton socks. 

Yes! Vaseline can be a good option if your shoes hurt.

It would be best to quit running while wearing cotton socks to avoid developing blisters. Cotton socks provide a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and blisters since they tend to absorb sweat quickly.

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