How to remove dry paint from shoes

All About Removing Off Dried Paint

Have you ever found some stains and dry paint marks in your shoes?  These paint stains make your shoes look ugly but there is no need to trash them as there are some tricks and tips that you can follow and make your shoes as new as it was before. The guide will make you aware about how to remove dry paint from shoes in simple steps. So roll your eyes below and stay with us. 

5 Methods To Remove Paint From Shoes

It’s fairly usual to get paint on your footwear whether having your house repainted or engaged in an art project.

Remove Dry Paint From Shoes

You may imagine how difficult it can be to get paint off your shoes if you’ve ever attempted it. It’s challenging, but it’s not impossible. It was not too difficult or time-consuming if you approached it correctly. If you’ve ever struggled to get dry paint off your shoes, here’s all you have to know! Dry paint may be eliminated from shoes in a number of ways, and we’ve gathered them all here so you can pick the best method and proceed. Let us look on to the methods to clean the paint from shoes below:

Method#1: Use Nail Polish Remover

Step 1: The Mixture Of Acetone And Nail Polish Remover Should Be Ready

Grab acetone that is pure and a high-quality nail polish cleaner. a little amount of acetone and more nail polish remover should be added to a bowl. Now thoroughly combine the two liquids.

When calculating the ratios of nail polish cleaner and acetone, use caution to get a precise measurement.

Step 2: Use The Liquid Combination

Apply the mixture of nail paint remover and acetone to the footwear using a cotton ball dipped in the liquid. Gently wipe the spots, and over time you’ll see that all of the dried paint has gone off.

Step 3: Clear The Footwear

Once the paint marks are not noticeable, then it’s time to clean the shoes. Wet a clean cloth and wipe off the entire shoe properly so that there is no liquid mixture residue.

Step 4: Dry The Shoes

Allow the shoes to dry once the dry paint is gone before wearing.

Method#2: Use Detergent

The quickest and most straightforward way to remove paint stains is with regular dish detergent. The mixture has the ability to both soften and, in some instances, fully erase paint stains. However, only water-based acrylic paints can be used with this technique. 

Step 1: Take Off Extra Paint By Brushing

To prevent a mess, cover the working area with newspapers. If the sneakers have laces, remove them. With a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the stain to begin the paint removal process. The next procedures will be simpler and the dry paint will be more easily removed with brushing.

Step 2: Knife-Scrape The Paint Off

Begin to scrape the dried paint off the footwear with a knife. If the stains aren’t too severe, dampening them will help to soften them. Take a clean towel, dunk it in clean water, and then completely wring it out.

Now use the damp cloth to blot the stains. Run your knife through the color as the paint begins to soften; you’ll need to pay attention to how slowly the dry paint will come off.

Step#3: Use The Detergent Powder

Take a soft towel or sponge and dunk it in a solution of water and detergent if there is any paint left on your shoes. 

Step 4: Clean The Footwear

When there is no more paint visible, moisten a clean towel, rub the entire footwear to get off the detergent, and then you can stop. Only if the footwear are waterproof can you wash them under the tap.

Step 5: Dry The Shoes

Leave the shoes in an airy place for 8 hours or until the shoes are completely dry.

Method#3: Use Alcohol

Particularly effective for the leather and canvas shoes is this technique. Therefore, use the technique of rubbing alcohol approach without hesitation if your leather or canvas boots are discolored with paint.

Step 1: Wet The Paint Stains

By wiping the marks with a wet cloth, you can make the paint stains softer. The subsequent stages will be simpler to complete and the color will remove more rapidly if you first soften the paint.

Step 2: Put Rubbing Alcohol On

In the rubbing alcohol, dunk a toothbrush with soft bristles. Wherever you feel the shoes are significantly discolored, gently brush them with the toothbrush in a tiny circular motion.

Rubbish booze shouldn’t be used excessively because a little goes a long way.

Step 3: Shine The Footwear

Just clean the shoes with a moist cloth to get rid of any residual alcohol.

Step 4: Air Out Your Sneakers

The shoes should be left in a well-ventilated area to finish drying.

Method#4 Use Suede Cleaning Solution (Only For Suede Boots)
Step#1: Use a blunt knife to scrape off any paint that has dried on

Work on any paint that has dried out gently to reduce the amount of cleanup required. Be gentle when using the knife so as not to harm the suede.

Step#2: Wash The Remaining Paint With Soap And Water

Pour some dish soap into a bowl of warm water, and stir until suds form. Put your hands on some soap suds and apply them immediately on the stain. Then use a fresh rag to clear up any remaining paint.

Step#3: Use A Dry Cloth To Wipe Away The Suds

 To make your suede boots mostly dry, blot out any water or soap suds that may have lingered.

Step#4: Spread Suede Cleanser Over The Paint Stain

 The remaining paint stain should be covered with a small bit of suede cleaning. After that, set your suede shoes somewhere open so they may finish drying.

If your footwear is still soiled, you might want to speak with an expert cleaner. Online or at retailers that offer cleaning supplies, like Amazon, you can find the suede cleaner.

When drying, put a shoe tree inside your suede shoes to prevent them from losing their shape.

Method#5: Apply Vinegar

Given that white distilled vinegar has naturally cleaning capabilities that may remove any unwelcome stains, it is a great choice for removing any form of paint from leather shoes. 

Step#1: Clean The Shoes

To soften the dry paint, gently massage it with a clean cloth that has been dampened with warm water.

Step#2: Apply White Distilled Vinegar

Combine half a part of water that is warm and half a part of white distilled vinegar. Apply the solution to the cotton ball, then gently massage it over the dried paint.

Step#3: Apply The 3M Stripping Pad

Use the cleaning pads after covering the entire pair of shoes with vinegar.

Use the stripping pads to thoroughly clean the severely soiled areas.

Step 4: Clean The Footwear

After giving the shoes a simple warm-water rinse, let them air dry.

Wrapping up
While wet paint is unpleasant enough, trying to remove it off your shoes after it has dried and solidified is particularly difficult. You may learn how to remove paint from shoes with some easy home solutions, including using your dish detergents, vinegar alcohol etc rather than having to buy a new pair. So, remove the paint stain from your favorite boots easily.


Of course vinegar makes painting easy. Vinegar is a cheap and efficient natural cleaning solution that works well to remove dried paint. Additionally, because vinegar is non-toxic, there is no risk of damaging the fabric of the shoes.

Acrylic paint will probably come off of vinyl or leather shoes with water and soap. 

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