How to stretch rubber boots

How to stretch rubber boots

All about rubber boots 

How to stretch rubber boots

Do you feel uneasy while wearing your rubber boots? Rubber boots are the one that safeguards you from harm. Not only do they make your feet dry and warm, but they also protect your feet from sand. Also, these boots are a stylish piece of footwear that you can wear any time, with any of your outfits.

However, if these boots don’t fit correctly, they can be harmful and cause pain. The only reason they do not fix accurately and make you uncomfortable is that you don’t stretch them. Stretching your rubber boots can make your boots fit perfectly and will not cause any pain. There are a hundred p tips and techniques that you can follow to stretch them, like using ice, using hot water, using heat, and many more. 

We will guide you here on stretching rubber boots with simple methods. 

Can you stretch rubber boots?

The answer is always yes! You can always stretch your rubber boots the way you want. Also, there are some points that one should remember before stretching your shoes. Let us glance below at some of the factors:

  • Rubber boots can’t all be stretched. Stretching is not possible with full-grain leather rubber shoes. It would help if you only put on rubber shoes made of such material when there’s snow on the ground. 
  • Your rubber boots might not be able to be extended once more if they are old or have already been stretched.

Six Methods to stretch your rubber boots 

    Use hot water 

    This method is easy to follow to make your boots stretch well and be comfy. Look at the following steps. 


    Take a round bowl and fill it with warm water. Place your rubber boots into the water. If feasible, use water heated on the stove to a temperature warm to the touch but not scorching. Keep your shoes in the hot water for about 4-5 minutes. (not more than 5 minutes)


    Take your boots out of the hot water and squeeze in all the extra water. Clean them with a towel and dry your boots completely before wearing them. The optimum place to stretch out most types of footwear is outdoors on a level, level floor, or carpeted floor, enabling you to maintain your balance while tugging on the boot. 


    In the 3rd step, you must place your shoes on a level surface and hold your boot with both hands. Grasp your boots from heel to toe and stretch, stretching in opposite directions. ThemGive them a break of 1 sec. Stretch it again for about 10-20 seconds, then leave it for 1 sec. Repeat this stretching method 2-4 times. This will let your boots fix accurately to your feet. Wear them to check the boots. If you feel a little discomfort, repeat the method. 

      Freeze your boots 

      If your boots seem tight, you can also go for the freezing method to help you enlarge your boots. 


      Grab two plastic bags that come with a zip lock. Fill them 1/4 with water and seal them. Avoid filling them entirely, as it can damage the bags when you keep them frozen. 


      Keep those water bags in the shoes properly so they can touch the inner sole of the rubber boots. 


      Place your boots that are filled with water bags into the deep freezer. Please keep them in the freezer overnight. Water expands by around 10% when it freezes, so the period when the water solidifies and expands is when the shoes stretch.


      The next day, remove the boots from the freezer and let them out for 20 minutes to defrost the ice inside.


      Take the water bags out from the boots and ensure that the bags come out with tearing. Try wearing them; if you feel a little tighter, repeat the process. 

        Use blow dryer 

        A blow dryer can be the easiest way to stretch rubber boots. However, this method is temporary. Look at the quickest method below.


        Soak your boots in hot water for about 2 minutes and dry Them with a clean towel. 


        Grab the socks that are thick from your collection and wear them. If you feel uncomfortable wearing thick socks, try wearing thinner ones. 


        Set your blow dryer to the highest heat. Sit near your blow dryers and turn it one. Move your dryer and keep it away from your shoes (about 6 inches). Keep using the dryer and cover the whole boots. 


        Please focus on the specific area that is tighter to stretch them more. Make the areas warmer for about 18-20 minutes. Please use at most 20 minutes, as it can ruin the rubber of your shoes. 

        Doing as many times as necessary to get your desired level of stretching is acceptable.

          Use shoe stretcher 

          A shoe stretcher is all you need to stretch your boots. Suppose the above methods seem a little time-consuming to you. You can use a boot stretcher constructed with solid material that can help you stretch your boots ideally. It is good to have a boots stretcher at your home; if not, grab it from the Amazon store. TYOPMU Boot Stretcher Men will work in the best way. Look at the below steps.


          Take your boots and shoe stretcher. Put the shoe stretcher into the boots and start using it by opening it clockwise. 


           Give the handle another 2-3 twists to expand the rubber when the footwear extender feels extremely tight and is difficult to turn. Put it overnight into the shoes. 


          Turn the handle anti-clockwise gently and slowly to clock the stretcher. Take the stretcher out of the boots once you cannot crank the handle anymore.


          Keep pushing and extending until there is no more discomfort. For every boot, repeat this. Return and restart at a reasonable pressure level if your foot still begins to hurt.

          Use stretching liquid 

          Another vital method you can use if your rubber boots hurt is a stretching liquid to your boots. It can quickly help the rubber to stretch fully. Go for Moneysworth Shoe Stretch Liquid. Look at the steps below.


          Place any extra paper or newspaper under the floor to avoid additional mess.


          Take the amount of stretching liquid, rubbing alcohol, and water equally. And mix them.


           grab a clean towel and dip it into the mixture. Rub the cloth all over your boots, especially on the tighter area. 


          Wear thicker socks from your socks collection and put on your boots. Walk for about 20-30 minutes and check whether the boots are comfortable. 

          Reach to the cobbler

          The last method you can also rely on is visiting a professional cobbler. If you don’t want to stretch on your rubber boots at home, you can go to skilled cobblers that can do simple steps and stretch your rubber boots in no time. The professional one always has stretching devices to stretch the rubber boots according to your foot size. So save time and trust the best cobbler you know. 

          Key points to note 

          Besides all the above methods, there are some vital points that you should look at. 

          • Avoid applying extra heat to your rubber boots, as it can damage your boots and decrease durability. 
          • Ensure you buy the zipper lock bags when you try freezing away so the water does not leak from the boots. The leakage can make your boots wet. 
          • The hot dryer method can also harm your feet if you do not wear thick socks. So stay careful and wear thick socks. 
          • Don’t spin the handle of a shoe stretcher over 5–6 times at once. Rubber is adaptable, and too much stretching could cause it to tear.
          • Do not apply the whole amount of liquid at once; try a little first, then use it carefully as the expiry or harmful one can decrease longevity.
          Wrapping up

          Stretching your boots is a great way to make uncomfortable rubber boots fit better. Now that you know all the straightforward techniques for testing rubber shoes, try them out on your boots and be amazed by the results. Conversely, rubber boots are difficult to stretch because, given the fundamental properties of rubber, they always return to their previous position.

          The best action for you is always to purchase the correct boot size for your foot or at least one full size larger. So, choose wisely.


          Boots do indeed stretch as you use them over time. They are made of a stretchy substance, which explains this. The secret is to avoid wearing them too tightly so they have time to loosen up gradually. You can prevent the inconvenience of extending them out yourself by doing this.

          This varies according to the sort of boot you’re stretching and the extent to which you extend them. The boot may not maintain its new form; worse yet, it may rip if you extend it too far. Extending your shoes should only be done as much as is necessary and with caution.

          Yes, this is how most boots are produced. Naturally, you won’t have to size up by half an inch if you’re using thick socks, but if your shoes come in regular sizes, do so while keeping the thick socks in mind. Your feet will have areas to roam about, and the boots will not shrink again to their initial dimensions if you get them half a size larger.

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