how to wash on cloud shoes

How to Wash On Cloud Shoes

Introduction to Cloud shoes:

On cloud shoes are elegant, fashionable, and cozy. They are also reasonably priced. The sportsmen adore them because they make running more comfortable. On the running track, the rough track, and on any adventure, they are your best buddy.

how to wash on cloud shoes

These priceless shoes may need to be cleaned. And dirty running shoes may also don’t suit your personality. Having unclean running shoes might also make you look unprofessional.

There are two primary forms of “dirt” that might be encountered by runners. The first is a natural phenomenon. The dirt, the ground, the leaves, and the water that you run through while on the go. You, the runner, are responsible for the second type of dirt. This is the result of your body fluids, including perspiration, blood, rubbing oils, and whatever else you could be wearing, rubbing into your footwear.

How to clean On Cloud footwear:

For precise cleaning recommendations, look for the tag inside your shoe. There are mainly 3 methods to clean your on cloud shoes. These are:

  • Machine washing of shoes
  • Hand washing of shoes
  • Rubbing down of shoes

Note: How to clean On Cloud shoes is determined by a number of factors:

  • the kind of shoe,
  • how dirty it is
  • what kind of filth it has
  • how it is washed.

Rub Down Method:

This is the simplest of all. A good rubdown after a run does wonders for the body, so why not give your shoes the same treatment? The method is simple!

  • Use a  “shoe brush”  (an old toothbrush works great) to clean your shoes after a run to remove the filth and muck that has accumulated in them.
  • The dirt can be quickly and successfully removed by clapping the shoes together sole to sole.
  • The shoes may be put in a dry area (with the laces undone and the inner sole removed, if feasible) to dry.
  • The dirt can be removed using your (dry) shoe brush.

Hand Washing Of Shoes:

After a long day of running, you might be tempted to toss your On Cloud shoes in the washing machine and call it a day. However, this is not advised since it might shorten the life of both your shoes and the washing machine. Hand washing is the preferred way.

List of stuff that you will need for machine washing your on cloud shoes:

  • A container as big as a dish or a bucket
  • Soft detergent or soap
  • Hot liquid
  • Brush with gentle bristles (like a toothbrush or a shoe brush).
  • Drying Towels

These are the steps for hand washing your On Cloud shoes:

  • The mud needs to dry. Mud may be removed from shoes by repeatedly beating them against one another or by using a dry toothbrush.
  • Separate the insoles and loosen the shoelaces.
  • Remove any dirt or grime and place in a sink of warm water. Shoes from On Cloud should not be cleaned with regular soaps and detergents. Either liquid detergent or baking soda will do the trick.
  • Reach the dusty spots and push gently on the edges, heels, and front of the shoes with a cloth or toothbrush while keeping the toothbrush in the cleaning solution.
  • Use a clean, soft white cloth to polish the upper surface of your On Cloud sneakers.
  • Get some warm water and rinse the shoes.
  • Stuffing the shoes with newspaper or tissue paper can help them dry faster and keep their form.

Machine Washing Of Shoes:

If the labeling says it’s machine washable, most cloud materials may be cleaned in a gentle cycle using cold water and a little detergent.

Here is a list of stuff that you will need for machine washing your on cloud shoes:

  • A brush that is soft
  • A delicate cycle washing machine
  • Mild detergent
  • Mesh bags/pillowcases
  • Drying towels

Once you have everything you need, here’s how to wash your On Cloud shoes in the washer:

  • First, take off the shoelaces and take out the insole before putting your shoes in water. Both have the potential to become entangled with one another while being washed. You can also sprinkle some baking soda in each shoe to neutralize smells.
  • After taking out the shoelaces and the insole, use the soft brush to sweep away any stray particles of dirt or debris from the shoe’s upper surface. The spaces surrounding the sole and between the shoe’s components require special care. The washing machine will retain any dirt or debris left on the shoes, making cleanup a hassle.
  • Your shoes need to go in the washing machine now. To keep shoes from slamming into one other and wearing down the fabric, they need to be placed in individual mesh laundry bags or pillowcases. Put each pair of shoes in its own pillowcase if you don’t have any mesh bags.
  • Add as little of your preferred light detergent as possible to the washing machine and select the delicate cycle before tossing in your shoes to be cleaned in cold water. To make sure all the detergent is gone from the shoes, run them through one additional rinse cycle. A buildup of detergent in the fabric of the shoes might irritate the wearer’s skin if it is not thoroughly cleaned.
  • Check the footwear and do it again if necessary. It’s possible that you’ll need to start from scratch if your On running shoes are very grimy. This is very important to remember while attempting to whiten On Clouds. Some scuffs and stains may need to be washed twice to be removed completely.
  • After cleaning your shoes, you should allow them dry naturally. To help wick away any moisture, you may line them with towels or newspaper. Dry your shoes in a cool, dry place out of the sun and heat. It might take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours for your shoes to dry, depending on the humidity.

Dos and don’ts of machine washing:

  • Wash each shoe in its own bag
  • spot cleaning for scuffs and stains
  • Don’t use too much cleaning product
  • Sprinkle some vinegar on top
Final Verdict

As the famous quote says: “If you take care of things, they last”. So is the case with our on cloud shoes. With little care, we can preserve their quality and function for longer. Hope the above-mentioned steps prove to be useful.

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