Insoles For Barefoot Shoes

Insoles for barefoot shoes

A guide for barefoot shoes insoles 

Do you know what insoles do to your barefoot shoes? Insoles are the best idea to make barefoot shoes more comfortable and to give your shoes a perfect fit. There are about a hundred types of insoles that you can wear in your barefoot shoes and walk in easily. Let you glance at the benefits of insoles and some for barefoot shoes

Insoles For Barefoot Shoes

Benefits of using insoles in barefoot shoes 

  • Provides good fitting 

Not every foot has the same size. Some feet are wider, and some are smaller. However, if you have bought a size bigger than your feet, the only option is to add an extra inner sole that will perfectly fit your feet. So the first-ever benefit that barefoot insoles have is that it gives ideal fitting to your feet. So grab thin insoles that will make a big difference in your fitting. 

  • Increases comfort level

What else does one need if their shoes are comfy to wear? Barefoot shoes are comfortable and flexible, but insoles can make them more relaxing and easy to walk in all day. The added cushioning effect when you add insoles to your shoes will make you feel relaxed and reduce stress. 

  • Good for winters

Another benefit that comfortable innersoles provide is warmth. Insoles can be used in summer but are best for winter as there are many types of insoles that you can use in winter, like sheep insoles and feather insoles. This type of insole is warmer and does not make you feel cold. The felt insoles can also be used in winter. 

  • Improves stimulation

Although barefoot shoes’ thin soles greatly improve our feet’ ability to sense the ground, we still don’t obtain the same sensations and sensory experiences as when walking barefoot. Many companies make insoles that help stimulate your feet in the best way. So, you can add insoles in your barefoot shoes, which improves stimulation. 

6 best insoles for barefoot shoes 

To give you the best insoles, we have researched some of the best barefoot shoe insoles you can wear anytime, anywhere, into your barefoot shoes. These insoles are foamy, comfy, and durable. They are crafted with sheepskin, cotton, foam, and many more materials. 

In addition, the insoles below are breathable and help you absorb moisture from your feet. The insoles aid in keeping your feet dry and reduce stress or fatigue. These insoles are made for men and women as well as are lightweight. So grab these washable innersoles for your barefoot shoes below. 

  • MaxW Sheepskin Insoles Women 9 Soft Warm Wool Insoles 2 Pair
  • Holibanna Running Insoles Breathable Sweat Moisture Control 
  • Dr. Scholl’s Go Sockless Insoles, 3 Pairs, 
  • Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Shoe Insole.
  • Pedag Summer | Terry Cotton Sockless Insoles | | Absorbs Sweat & Controls Odor | Washable
  • Wool Felt Warm Insoles, Wool Insoles for Men Women
Wrapping up

Insoles are always flexible and make you feel more comfortable. One can also wear insoles in barefoot shoes for perfect fit and stress reduction. People prefer wearing insoles in winter to keep them from the cold and provide warmth. Similarly, there are summer insoles too that are thin and reliable to wear. So, read the above benefits and get some of the best insoles from Amazon.


Foam, gel, cork, and leather are the most popular materials used to make insoles.

Once you’ve outlined the contours of both feet, mark the ends of your longest toe and your heel with a straight line in the middle. The length of your insole is the space between them.

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