Pros and cons of wearing Crocs in plantar fasciitis

Pros and cons of wearing Crocs in plantar fasciitis

Crocs, its benefits and drawbacks 

Though they have become commonplace, did you know that wearing Crocs has many more advantages than just looking good? People of different ages and professions have started to favor these shoes. Crocs have established themselves as a must-have accessory for people wishing to enhance their general health and well-being thanks to their distinctive appearance and wealth of functionality.

Crocs provide the utmost level of ease, assistance, and durability. They are ideal for people who have foot pain or spend a lot of time standing. Crocs’ cushioned footbeds and non-slip soles can benefit persons with flat arches, plantar fasciitis, and other foot ailments by reducing pain and preventing blisters. However, it also comes with cons, as some doctors advise against wearing Crocs daily. We also have a dedicated article on the best women’s Crocs for plantar fascitis.

The article will guide you on the benefits and disadvantages of wearing Crocs. Look below.

Benefits of wearing Crocs 

Suitable for Feet

Wearing Crocs is comfortable. They are light, vibrant, and appropriate for any season. Some people believe that because Crocs are so plush, they make you feel like you’re stepping on a marshmallow. Crocs first appeared in 2002. The last time there was a turning back when it was launched.

Simple to maintain

Because they maintain their good condition even when utilized in the water, Crocs can be used in any weather. Therefore, you have no concern about getting mud stains on your Crocs because the Crocs’ material is easily washable and cleanable. Long-term, this is what enables them to maintain their health. While providing vital support, the material used to make these Crocs is very healthy. This material also contributes to the men’s Crocs’ ease of maintenance. So, this is yet another of the many advantages of donning Crocs.

Arched support

The primary factor influencing individuals to choose Crocs is that they offer superior arch support compared to other types of footwear. They are also ideal for daily shoes in plantar fascitis because they are moderate weight. So, one of the main advantages of wearing Crocs is this.

Always in Style 

You will always notice that Crocs blend nicely with any casual ensemble, regardless of the footwear trend you choose to wear. These are ideal for running errands around the neighborhood or dressing casually for a date night. Irrespective of how you dress, these eye-catching shoes will help the ensemble stand out from the crowd if your ensemble is too plain. It is a cult-favorite shoe and should be the first purchase for anyone looking to boost their fashion game because a pair of Crocs can create various statement ensembles. 

Drawbacks of wearing Crocs

Unable to keep your feet secure sometimes

Everybody and anything has flaws, and Crocs are not a particular case. Since Crocs are bad for your health, doctors have expressed worries about wearing them. A podiatrist claims that wearing Crocs all day is not recommended. You shouldn’t wear the Crocs for extended periods because they are insufficient for holding the heel in place.

Tendinitis can result from the toes becoming exposed when the heels are out of alignment and unstable. You can also encounter toe deformities, corns, and nail issues.

Avoid using it for prolonged periods.

Every day, people are seen walking around in Crocs. Some now complain about foot blisters due to wearing them to every destination.

Given that some of them are composed of hard rubber, Crocs footwear can cause blisters if used for an extended amount of time. 

Itchy Blisters

Very uncomfortable blisters are caused when the feet come into contact with the firm rubber. Blisters remain on your feet as a spot, even if the discomfort subsides.

You would be shocked to learn that croc wearers frequently lament their smelly feet. Your toes sweat in the Crocs’ rubber, and as they perspire more, they begin to smell. Even wearing socks under them will make little difference. Imagine the danger this rubber poses if it can cause socks to perspire. Nobody enjoys having stinky feet; therefore, if you prefer Crocs, wear them only sometimes.

Not a Replacement 

Never try putting on Crocs instead of other shoes you have in your shoe collection. It is advised to move a short distance when wearing them. As Crocs are not designed for jogging, biking, or trekking, please do not use them as a substitute for your work shoes.

Final Verdict

In the end, crocs are very into fashion. Choosing the ideal pair of Crocs will be easy for you if you are in. Crocs have many advantages, but they pose a concern for some people. Wear Crocs while considering the advantages and disadvantages.


For short distances and daily wear, Crocs make excellent footwear.

In daily use, Crocs typically last three to five years. Crocs can last up to ten years with reasonable care and less frequent use. 

Your feet may suffer when swimming in lakes, rivers, or even the neighbourhood pub. Crocs water shoes are made to be simple to put on and take off while shielding your feet from aquatic hazards like jagged rocks and shells.

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