Wildling shoes

Wildling Shoes Review: Unleashing the Irresistible Power of Barefoot Freedom

All You Need To Know About Wildling Shoes 

Do you know how many wildling shoes are on trend? Because of their primary and adaptable design, Wildlings are a favorite of many barefoot shoe fans. Wildling Shoes stick out as being distinctive among the many barefoot shoe companies. Their softness, design, and soles are said to be the best one among all. Let us give you a detailed Wildling shoe review. 

Wildling shoes

Features of Wildling shoes 


Wildling Shoes carefully select the materials utilized to construct its shoes. Most of the products come from recognized local sources and are from verified organic produce or verified organic livestock farming.

The materials used to create Wildlings are obtained ethically from natural sources, many of which are vegan. They don’t use leather for their shoes (save in rare situations as a minor accessory) and utilize natural dyes and glues. Their shoes are primarily made of wool, cotton, linen, and sometimes Washi paper.

When released, novel collections frequently astound us with fresh content and original narratives.

Certain styles from the spring and summer seasons and all of the footwear from the Autumn/Winter seasons are waterproof. They include an additional polyester membrane, which makes them slightly less breathable, but the advantage of maintaining your feet dry throughout the rainy season surpasses the little reduction in airinessThe footwear is still relatively light.

Shoe production is meticulously organized because the corporation wants to cut down on supply lines and inefficiency in the textile and footwear industries. Most processed fabrics are produced in Europe and Germany, and leftover components are frequently utilized in creating new models that are produced in small quantities.

The descriptions of each shoe model and the blog article published whenever a new collection or model is announced always include more specific information on the materials utilized for each model.


The Wildling shoe sole is by far its most vital point. Their soles have a unique design with a gap under the instep portion of the foot and are only between 1.5 and 3.5 mm thick (or thin), making them incredibly flexible.

At first glance, the sole of the Wildling shoe is rather intriguing, occasionally bordering on the weird and unmistakably distinct from the sole of a typical shoe and the soles of barefoot footwear.

60% of the sole’s substance is synthetic rubber, containing 15% recycled cork, 25% silica, and 33% recycled material. The shoes can be used for numerous seasons without any issues despite the tiny sole because it is incredibly robust.

Sizes and length 

Wildlings are made uniquely, allowing them to fit a wide range of foot shapes. The materials are incredibly flexible, and the toe box is squared off. Vast and small feet can both fit comfortably in Wildling shoes.

In contrast to regular shoes, the shoe’s large toe box, and anatomical design provide broader feet with the room they require. However, laces and the potential for an insole ensure that the shoes also accommodate narrow feet.

Sizes 18 to 48 of Wildling Shoes are offered in the following collections:

  • Infant sizes 18 to 22
  • sizes 23–35 for children
  • sizes 36 to 48 for adults.

To choose the right size, you need to measure it accurately. You may print the shoe size template if you can access a printer and believe it to be the correct size. Or you can also use a size chart to measure your feet. 

How to care for wildling shoes 

All of the wildling footwear is water-resistant. They include an additional polyester membrane, which makes them slightly less breathable, but the advantage of maintaining your feet dry throughout the rainy season surpasses the little reduction in airiness.

Since they are 100% wool, the uppers of Wildlings are already water-repellent, so they shouldn’t be treated with any spray. Whenever your Wildlings get dirty, the easiest method to clean them up is to allow them to completely air out before knocking or brushing any dirt off. We have researched that the ones with wool uppers repel dirt rather well, whereas the ones with fabric uppers require more frequent brushing to remove grime. The new canvas with a dense weave cleans up well.

Wrapping up

Wildling Shoes has grown incredibly quickly in the barefoot community, ranking among the most well-liked barefoot shoe brands on the market. These sneakers weigh incredibly little. They don’t take up much room and can fit neatly in any bag or backpack because they are also incredibly flexible. As a result, you can effortlessly wear them whenever you want and carry them wherever you go.

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